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The startup investment landscape is booming. Individual investors now have access to various investment opportunities that were once only available to accredited investors. There are a number of reputed platforms that allow you to invest in a variety of startups. Republic is one such platform that has gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time.

Company Overview

Founded in 2016, Republic gives you the power to invest in the future you believe in. It is a first of its kind New York-based startup platform that allows virtually everyone to invest in startups. The Republic team carefully assess early-stage startups and identifies those with high potential for their investor base. Users can sign up on the platform and browse a wide range of companies and begin investing in minutes. You can invest in startups, video games, blockchain, real estate, and more.

Republic was founded on creating a sustainable, diverse, and connected world. It’s global team spans across six countries and the platform is backed by AngelList, Naspers, Binance, The Motley Fool, Galaxy Digital, and more.

How it Works

The idea of Republic is pretty straightforward. If you own a company, then you can simply sign up on the platform and get listed and then if you receive enough investors, you can invest that amount actively in your project. If you are an investor, you can invest in the startups of your choice and then if those startups succeed in the long run, you can earn good return of your investment.

Republic Fees:

Republic is free for investors. For retailer deals however, issuers have to pay a specific percentage of fees but it only applies if they successfully reach their crowdfunding goal.

Republic Fees for Startup

2% as a security of the same type offered and 6% of the total funds raised in cash. Fees and charges on the platform may vary depending on the offering type.

Pros and Cons


• You can invest from as low as $10.

• Autopilot allows you to invest in the most successful campaigns on the platform automatically.

• No fees for investors.

• Strong and active community: TV show and podcast, investor groups, the Note token, and more.

• Average deal size is relatively higher as compared to some other Reg CF, Reg A and Reg D platforms, e.g. Seedinvest, StartEngine, etc.


• Fee is higher for startups as compared to some other platforms, e.g. Wefunder.

• Extra, strict due diligence requirements for startups. So much so that only less than 3% of startups that apply to raise capital on the platform get approved.

Track Record

Republic has been among the top funding portals since its inception and it has been gaining momentum lately. The platform has even surpassed Seedinvest in terms of capital raise.

According to the company’s claim, the platform has been quite successful. It has amassed over 1 million investors, funded over 500 offerings, and raised more than 500 million since its inception. Furthermore, the platform has secured one of the top spots as a Reg CF funding portal according to Capital Raised.

In conclusion, Republic is no doubt a promising crowdfunding platform for both companies and investors. However, as an investor, you should be aware that investing in companies on this platform, or any similar platform for that matter, involves a high degree of risk. So, don’t invest more than what you can comfortably afford to lose. That said, Republic has a solid track record of being safe to invest on. 

Republic Crowdfunding

Republic Crowdfunding Fees 

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Entrepreneurs Using Republic for Funding

Should you crowdfund your startup through republic

Stages like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have shown the force of crowdfunding for a long time, yet the startup market has been delayed to embrace the crowdfunding model. That is evolving now, because of administrative changes that have made ready for another way to deal with business, including a new choice by the SEC to permit organizations to raise to $5 million in Regulation Crowdfunding — a monstrous jump from the past $1.07 million breaking point.

Another venture stage is based on these game-changing movements for the startup environment. Republic makes it simple and straightforward for Pre-Seed to Series B new businesses to crowdfund, putting them inside the arm's range of over 1,000,000 financial backers. Karr has likewise been on all sides of the development condition as an analyst and early worker at Impossible Foods and presently an overall accomplice at Coyote Ventures, where she centers around ladies' wellbeing and health. At another Startup Health Fireside Chat, she discussed the benefits and hindrances to crowdfunding and the potential for participation it holds.

What was a portion of the powers affecting everything that brought the Republic into reality?

Republic is a stunning stage to open up better approaches for raising money. Kickstarter was a decent introduction to that, however, it's nice to dispatch another item, not really to get individuals on the cap table, fundamentally. With Republic, it's one line on the cap table, and that kind of changed the game. There have been so many examples of overcoming adversity of non-customary organizers having the option to open up better approaches for raising support, and I realize that a ton of organizations explicitly went on Republic since they would not like to sit with financial backers and hear everyone of these no's or get ghosted by them.

Crowdfunding on Republic:

Basics that every user should Know

• Authors regularly set their valuation cap. Republic will audit your proposition and recommend changes if important.

• To get everything rolling, organizations need to finish up the SEC's Form C, with fundamental data about the association and the beyond two years of its monetary history.

• In 2019, the normal Republic crusade raised simply more than $500,000. As Karr notes, most organizations on the stage additionally raise capital with VCs.

• 90% of organizations on Republic arrive at their base mission targets.

• Republic gets a 6% commission on target you get in real money and 2% of protections. In the improbable occasion that you don't meet your base mission target, Republic will not charge any expenses.

• The quantity of financial backers any given mission can have is boundless. Despite the number of individuals who partake in your mission, all financial backers are addressed in a solitary line on your cap table.

Crowdfunding on the stage is intended to be as straightforward and calm as could be expected. After a mission, most organizations make only one extra exposure recording: the Form C-AR, an update to the Form C, which requires a little while to finish.  

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Equity Crowdfunding using Republic

Equity crowdfunding in startups through Republic

For quite a long time, startup contributing was restricted to big-time salary tycoons called authorize financial backers. Be that as it may, in 2012, Congress passed Regulation Crowdfunding. This law permits "central avenue" financial backers to place cash into the new businesses they put stock in.

Since this time, crowdfunding stages have come web-based making it simpler for financial backers to discover startup bargains and contribute. Republic is one such stage. This stage permits ordinary individuals to put resources into new companies for a portion of the value. While the speculation style is innately hazardous, Republic offers many arrangements with little essentials. This makes it simpler for normal individuals to put resources into an assorted cluster of new businesses.

In case you're thinking about putting resources into reviewed new companies, Republic could be an incredible beginning spot for you. This is what you need to think about it.

What Is Republic?

Republic was established in 2016 by alums of AngelList, the biggest private speculation stage on the planet. Today, the organization sits under the AngelList umbrella of organizations. The originators have profound aptitude in funding contributing and are committed to making private contributing open to all financial backers.

Now, the organization has helped more than 250 organizations raise more than $200,000,000. The greater part of the organizations on the stage is restricted to raising $1 million every year from "central avenue financial backers" however they can raise more from authorizing financial backers, investment firms, and so forth

The organization brags that it raised millions of dollars for commonly recognized names like SpaceX, Robinhood, and the computer game Pillars of Eternity II (among many different arrangements).

What Does It Offer?

Republic is an advanced commercial center for new businesses, land, computer games, and crypto. It offers one entry for customary financial backers looking for value shares for their speculations.

It offers one more entry for certifying financial backers who keep various guidelines for ventures. Financial backers can get to bargains through Republic's site page or its iOS application.

All the venture openings on Republic are reviewed by Republic's accomplished group and the financials of the arrangement (counting assessed market covers) are point by point on the site.

Invest As Little As $10

Financial backers can put just $10 in specific arrangements, however, the base venture sum differs by the arrangement. Through Autopilot, financial backers can likewise put naturally in profoundly effective Republic crusades with just $20.

These low limits permit financial backers to keep an assorted arrangement of value holdings. However, for most financial backers, even a different arrangement of startup value ought to just be a little fragment of their general venture portfolio. Startup contributing is innately hazardous, and the organizations might leave the business.

Deals Vetted By Private Equity Experts

All the speculation openings on Republic are verified by private value contributing specialists. Most have profound involvement with funding contributing. Under 3% of all arrangements come to the site.

This skill is significant. Yet, note that even the organizations on Republic can experience a complete misfortune. Financial backers should be cautious when putting resources into new businesses.  

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How to Raise funding for your startup using Republic?

Can we raise funds for a startup using republic?

Raise to $5 million from 1M+ individuals while expanding item deals, developing your image, and connecting with your local area. A Republic crusade is significantly more than raising support. The organizations significantly increased client bases, sold millions worth of an item, acquired press inclusion, associated with VCs, and raised follow-on adjusts at incredible terms—all in light of their Republic crusades.

Republic financial backers are your actual fans and connect with allies. They spread the word with their organization, offer assistance in their main subject area, and acquaint you with their associations. Our different 1M+ group incorporates top-level heavenly messengers, forces to be reckoned with, and drawn in allies, helping you past raising capital.

Assets Remain Locked For One Year

Speculations remain secured for one year before a financial backer has the choice to sell their offers. The offers are sellable, however, Republic accentuates that you should discover somebody willing to purchase the offers around then.

Financial backers ought to presumably see startup speculations as extremely long-haul ventures. At the end of the day, all things considered, you'll just get an opportunity to bring in cash on an exit (for example the organization is offered to another substance or opening up to the world).

Are There Any Fees?

Republic doesn't charge any expenses to financial backers. All things being equal, it charges the organizations that raise assets through the stage. The expenses for organizations are 6% of the absolute supports brought up in real money and 2% as a Crowd Safe. These expenses are possibly charged when the organization effectively raises reserves.

While financial backers don't need to pay charges forthright, aberrant expenses might be gone to financial backers through the type of marginally lower returns.

How Do I Contact Republic?

Republic has two physical areas, one in New York and the other in San Francisco. These are not "stroll-in" focuses. They are workplaces that permit the Republic group to vet speculation openings.

Customer service

Republic's site doesn't have a visit element and it doesn't promote a client assistance telephone number.

The most ideal approach to contact Republic is through its contact website page. The page guides clients to email entries for all requests.

How Does Republic Compare?

Republic is attempting to make startup contributing available to ordinary financial backers. Its exceptionally evaluated application is a demonstration of the group's diligent effort and devotion to its motivation. One of its champion components, the arrangement terms and revelations can assist financial backers with getting what they are putting resources into.

Notwithstanding, Republic is one of many organizations taking an interest in value crowdfunding. Other contributing stages, for example, SeedInvest and Mainvest offer comparative startup venture openings for financial backers. Be that as it may, Republic's foundation-wide venture least is lower than both of those contenders.

Is It Safe And Secure?

Republic is a respectable organization and hasn't had any open hacks or breaks of classification. It utilizes secure connections and outsider confirmation administrations to restrict the openness of your data.

Startup contributing is innately dangerous. Yet, Republic puts forth a valiant effort to reveal the dangers and guarantee that financial backers comprehend that they could lose their speculations. 

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Top Startup Companies that raised on Republic

Startups Hit $1 Million On Republic Investment Crowdfunding Platform

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2019/PRNewswire/ - Republic, a speculation stage that empowers anybody to put resources into new businesses, reports the development of the organization's Note reward token program and the initial five organizations offering values to raise $1 million. Dispatched in April of 2019, the Note rewards Republic clients for supporting the worldwide startup biological system. With the program's extension, clients presently have a large number of better approaches to acquire Notes and use them for remunerations on and off Republic.

Since the program dispatched, a large number of Republic Notes have been dispersed, a great many clients procured, more than 300,000 clients have taken part, and five new companies have effectively raised $1 million on Republic's foundation. They include:

CHRGR – promoting that controls your spic and span (York)

WeLivv – Search & shop home furnishings through curated interior design photos

• InnaMed – utilizing savvy, at-home blood testing tech to empower customized medication (Philadelphia)

• Mealthy – home cooking made simple (Austin) • Erudite – utilizing AI to wipe out energy squander (Philadelphia)

SimpleShowing – the better approach to visit and purchase a home (Atlanta)

Republic clients would now be able to acquire credits toward startup ventures, elite welcome just occasions, and a seat at the Republic Advisory Board, among a few new Note rewards granted when clients arrive at various Note levels. This is Republic's method of boosting clients to draw in new companies, add to the startup environment, and keep on teaching themselves on a resource class that was once open to just choose people in the speculation world.

Republic additionally delivered numerous new Note Bounties, which assist clients with acquiring more Notes and add to one's Note level. Note Bounties urge clients to utilize their inventive abilities and add to new companies raising money on the Republic stage, just as gotten the message out of startup contributing and alluding companions to Republic.

About Republic

Established in 2016, Republic works a group of organizations, including a venture stage that furnishes retail financial backers throughout the planet with agreeable admittance to curated new companies and blockchain projects. Republic works under U.S. value crowdfunding guidelines and is under the oversight of the U.S. Protections and Exchange Commission and the U.S. Monetary Industry Regulatory Authority. Republic as of late extended past swarm contributing with the presentation of Radar (a stage that interfaces authors with noted endeavor firms), a Republic organization on AngelList, and a tokenization warning assistance, each as an autonomous business activity.

*The lawful structure for the Note's monetary rights is at present being worked on, and such rights are neither ensured nor guaranteed as of now. Republic is trying things out under Regulation An of the Securities Act of 1933, as altered. No cash or other thought is being requested for our Regulation A+ presenting right now and whenever sent into Republic won't be acknowledged. No proposal to purchase protections in a Regulation A+ presenting of Republic can be acknowledged and no piece of the price tag can be gotten until Republic's contribution articulation is qualified with the SEC. Any such proposal to purchase protections might be removed or repudiated, without commitment or responsibility of any sort, whenever before notice of its acknowledgment given after the capability date. Any signs of interest in the Republic's contribution include no commitment or responsibility of any sort.  

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