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Using Republic for Crowdfunding

The startup investment landscape is booming. Individual investors now have access to various investment opportunities that were once only available to accredited investors. There are a number of reputed platforms that allow you to invest in a variety of startups. Republic is one such platform that has gained a lot of popularity in a short amount of time.

Company Overview

Founded in 2016, Republic gives you the power to invest in the future you believe in. It is a first of its kind New York-based startup platform that allows virtually everyone to invest in startups. The Republic team carefully assess early-stage startups and identifies those with high potential for their investor base. Users can sign up on the platform and browse a wide range of companies and begin investing in minutes. You can invest in startups, video games, blockchain, real estate, and more. Republic was founded on creating a sustainable, diverse, and connected world. It’s global team spans across six countries and the platform is backed by AngelList, Naspers, Binance, The Motley Fool, Galaxy Digital, and more.

How it Works

The idea of Republic is pretty straightforward. If you own a company, then you can simply sign up on the platform and get listed and then if you receive enough investors, you can invest that amount actively in your project. If you are an investor, you can invest in the startups of your choice and then if those startups succeed in the long run, you can earn good return of your investment.


Republic is free for investors. For retailer deals however, issuers have to pay a specific percentage of fees but it only applies if they successfully reach their crowdfunding goal. The fees and charges include: 2% as a security of the same type offered and 6% of the total funds raised in cash. Fees and charges on the platform may vary depending on the offering type.

Track Record

Republic has been among the top funding portals since its inception and it has been gaining momentum lately. The platform has even surpassed Seedinvest in terms of capital raise. According to the company’s claim, the platform has been quite successful. It has amassed over 1 million investors, funded over 500 offerings, and raised more than 500 million since its inception. Furthermore, the platform has secured one of the top spots as a Reg CF funding portal according to Capital Raised. In conclusion, Republic is no doubt a promising crowdfunding platform for both companies and investors. However, as an investor, you should be aware that investing in companies on this platform, or any similar platform for that matter, involves a high degree of risk. So, don’t invest more than what you can comfortably afford to lose. That said, Republic has a solid track record of being safe to invest on.    

Republic - Pros and Cons


You can invest from as low as $10

Autopilot allows you to invest in the most successful campaigns on the platform automatically
No fees for investors

Strong and active community: TV show and podcast, investor groups, the Note token, and more

Average deal size is relatively higher as compared to some other Reg CF, Reg A and Reg D platforms, e.g. Seedinvest, StartEngine, etc.


Fee is higher for startups as compared to some other platforms, e.g. Wefunder.

Extra, strict due diligence requirements for startups. So much so that only less than 3% of startups that apply to raise capital on the platform get approved. 

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