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StartEngine Review | What is Start Engine? Start Engine Fees 

Founded in 2014 by Howard Marks and Ron Miller, with Kevin O’Leary (Shark Tank TV host) as a strategic advisor, StartEngine allows people to become investors in early stage startups. The platform offers an easy approach to crowdfunding Reg A and Reg CF, making it one of the top picks for investors. StartEngine offers a wide range of investment opportunities in both business and consumer-facing startups. High-potential industries like renewable energy, space exploration, and robotics are heavily represented here, but more ordinary niches like home automation and craft beverages are also available.

To help you make an informed investment, all company profiles on StartEngine include the relevant company’s valuation, number of investors, price per share, and more.

How it Works

There are two options for equity crowdfunding on StartEngine.  One is Regulation Crowdfunding. This is where a company can raise up to one million annually and any investor is allowed to participate. A company can offer several types of equity. Examples include preferred and common shares, including debt instruments. The other option is Regulation A offering. With this, a company can raise up to $75 million per year. However, the regulations are more stringent. Note that a crowdfunding Reg A is generally known as “mini IPO” as there is a qualification process with SEC.

StartEngine has the distinction of pulling off crowdfunding Reg A and Reg CF. It was a fund raise for Elio Motors of worth $17 million. Features If you sign up, StartEngine will offer you an account manager that is specially dedicated to your account only. For investors, it offers several features such as allowing you to invest via your credit card and more. The platform also offers you a dashboard that is useful for viewing dynamic analysis of all conversion rates and investments. Furthermore, the dashboard also helps you get the investment history and other relevant information of your company.

StartEngine Fees

Sign up on the platform is free for investors. You can register, choose a company, and invest in it without worrying about any charges. StartEngine gets its returns by charging brands and companies a specific percentage of the total funding that they receive. However, it is worth mentioning that companies can choose to minimize the costs by having their investors pay a set StartEngine fee percentage in the form of processing fee i.e. 3.5%. The minimum amount of investment on StartEngine is $100 and it is open for all kinds of investors, accredited and non-accredited. Clients and Statistics Many of the top clients of StartEngine include The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, Fortune, INC, The New York Times, etc.

According to the company’s claim, the platform has been quite successful. It has amassed over 500,000 investors, funded over 500 offerings, and raised more than $350 million since its inception.

Pros and Cons


You can start investing with as little as $100
Over 500k opportunities
Up to date live data
Open to both accredited and non-accredited investors
Dedicated support team
Investor dashboard allows you to easily track your investments


Processing fees may be relatively higher as compared to other crowdfunding Reg A and Reg CF platforms, however StartEngine brings over 250,000 investors and a well known website to easily promote you business for Company visibility.

Not suitable for investors who are looking for immediate results or short-term gains. (Note: A Companies Perks help to build a raise faster as Investors like having a stake in the Company).

Company Traction

If you are thinking of investing in StartEngine, you will be glad to know that the platform has gained a significant momentum over the years and it continued to thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on unaudited financials, the platform posted revenues of $5.4 million for the first half of year 2020, that is about 186% increase on an annual basis. During this period, there was a net loss of $1.9 million.

Since inception, StartEngine has facilitated more than $350 million in funding's. In conclusion, StartEngine is no doubt one of the best platforms for equity crowdfunding. However, keep in mind that there are risks involved when it comes to investing in startups. Not all startups grow to become successful and if a company goes under, you could lose your investment. So, it is recommended that you look at investing in startups as a way to diversity your portfolio with alternate investments instead of your sole investment strategy. 

Investing in startups used to only be an option for rich and wealthy, but in the past decade the regulators have eased up on small businesses, making it possible for everyday people to invest in startups via crowdfunding. These days, whether you have $100 or $100,000, there are a wide range of platforms that allow you to invest in a portfolio of startups and early-stage companies. StartEngine is one of the popular platforms in the crowdfunding space.

Everything you need to know about StartEngine

The digital era has made it easier and quicker to generate funds for your business, personal needs, and nonprofit cause via online crowdfunding platforms. StartEngine is one of the best equity crowdfunding platforms meant to connect startups with investors.

Having a look at the StartEngine crowdfunding reviews below will let you know more about this platform.

Key Highlights:

• StartEngine is a popular equity crowdfunding platform connecting all types of startups with investors.

• From $100 to $1,000 is the minimum span here. However, you may have to pay 3.5% as a transaction fee based on your company.

StartEngine Crowdfunding Review:

Do you want to know whether StartEngine is worth it or not? Let’s have a look at the detailed StartEngine crowdfunding reviews below to know more:

What is StartEngine?

StartEngine is a standout solution for people looking to invest money. It is because the platform is allowing everyday people to invest their money into startups and companies, they admire directly to get equity in return. You can start investing for as little as $100.

The platform is founded in 2014 by Howard Marks and Ron Miller. While Kevin O'Leary is the strategic advisor here. It allows you to invest in any company listed on the site from travel and tourism startups to biotech pioneers. Each company’s profile includes details about price per share, valuation of the company, number of investors, and more. So, you can make a more informed investment easily.

How does StartEngine work?

It allows all types of investors to discover startups on this platform. Entrepreneurs can do Reg CF and Reg A+ crowdfunding campaigns, or even an ICO based on their marketplace and software.

• Reg CF campaign allows you to collect $1.07 million within 12 months.

• While Reg A+ can raise up to $50 million in 12 months.

To collect funds, you have to be a US-based company and must fulfill StartEngine certain requirements. Most of the companies from tech, food and beverage, hospitality, communications, medical, and other fields have been collecting their funds from StartEngine.

Even more, the process of funding also varies based on the type of funding you choose.

StartEngine cost and fees

The platform costs a variety of fees for startups' equity crowdfunding campaigns based on the startup and crowdfunding type you choose. These are meant to help the finance required to run and market this platform. It charges a 6% fee from the capital raised via the Reg CF campaign. The fee will be paid by entrepreneurs.

StartEngine Review:


• You can start investing from as little as $100.

• Buy transactions cost you no fee here.

• You can avail more than 500 opportunities here.

StartEngine Review:


• Processing fees at StartEngine are higher than other platforms.

• The platform isn't highly suitable for investors to require a quick return.

StartEngine Review:

Verdict Overall, as per the StartEngine review, this platform is suitable for investors who want to invest in upcoming private companies even before these are going to be public. Even more, it is also great for startups who want to raise up to $75 million based on their startup size.  

Learn More about Start Engine Fees compared to other crowdfunding platforms

StartEngine Crowdfunding

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Top Startup Companies that Raised on StartEngine

StartEngine can help you raise your own startup StartEngine, a full-stack speculation crowdfunding stage, is asserting the title as the top Reg CF/Reg A+ financing during Q2 concerning the measure of capital raised for firms utilizing these protections exclusions.

In March of 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) expanded the subsidizing cap of Reg CF from $1.07 million to $5 million. The expansion has been embraced by the business and the stages are occupied with an online capital arrangement. The protections exclusion is presently seen as more reasonable for additional organizations – particularly encouraging youthful tech firms that might need to bring Seed subsidizing gathers together in the large numbers of dollars – which is common for famous new companies. At the same time, the subsidizing cap for Reg A+ contributions was tapped up to $75 million from its past $50 million caps.

StartEngine, alongside other driving crowdfunding stages, has benefited from this change as guarantors have moved to take advantage of the further developed exclusions.

In an email, StartEngine reports setting another record-breaking quarterly record for the sum brought up in a solitary quarter, outperforming their record of $57 million raised from Q1 this year. StartEngine analyzes its subsidizing volume of $66 million to two other top stages, Wefunder at $33.9 million and Republic at $28.6 million. StartEngine states its record was $57 million raised during the main quarter of 2021.

Also, StartEngine reports that it dispatched 58 contributions during.

To assist us with satisfying needs, we are scaling our group. StartEngine is currently more than 80 individuals solid, and we have multiplied our group over the most recent year. We are simply beginning

Reason to Invest

• Established CEO: In only a couple of brief years, our CEO Howard Marks has directed StartEngine to be the biggest value crowdfunding stage as far as complete assets raised. Howard beforehand helped to establish the computer game monster Activision, which today has a multi-billion dollar market cap.

• $400M raised: On StartEngine Companies have raised more than $400M, $200M+ of which was brought up in the beyond a year alone.

• 190% YoY growth: We produced $12.5M in incomes in 2020, addressing 190% YoY development contrasted with our 2019 incomes of $4.3M.

Trading platform: One of the first of its sort for Reg CF and Reg A contributions in the US, StartEngine has dispatched an elective exchanging framework (ATS) to exchange startup ventures.

• 20,000 StartEngine shareholders: StartEngine itself have as of now raised $30M+ from more than 20,000 investors.

• 500K strong: Over a large portion of 1,000,000 individuals have joined our local area of financial backers.

• Shark endorsed: Financial supporter Kevin O'Leary Renowned cash supervisor and famous cash chief, also called "Mr. Great", is StartEngine's Strategic Advisor, a paid agent a monetary sponsor, and a monetary supporter

In a couple of brief years, CEO Howard Marks has composed StartEngine to be an industry pioneer and the best worth crowdfunding stage in 2020 to the degree assets raised.  

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Entrepreneurs using StartEngine for Funding

How do Startup Funding Rounds work?

StartEngine can be used as a funding source. Numerous new companies seek to be the following large thing, yet every business should begin little. In case you are a financial backer, you can be important for the underlying push to get a task going. However, the chances are long: while about 80% of private ventures endure their first year, just half arrive at the five-year point, as indicated by government measurements.

The lesson of the story? In the startup world, disappointment isn't exceptional, and putting resources into new companies is dangerous. Because of that danger, a financial backer can get an incredible profit from their speculation, yet they should pick the organization they put resources into cautiously.

If you're searching for lucidity on how startup subsidizing adjusts work, you've gone to the perfect spot. So how about we separate it.

Seed round funding

The Seed round addresses the primary formal round of financing. As the name proposes, these early speculations address the "seed" from which the business will develop. With this financing, organizations can proceed to procure footing with purchasers, grandstand their item/market fit, or create other substantial indications of development and guarantee that will be important to raise future rounds of subsidizing (to a greater degree toward that later).

Organizations regularly raise around $1M-$2M in a seed subsidizing round. Both pre-seed and seed financing adjusts are likened to what organizations can raise under Regulation Crowdfunding on StartEngine.

Series A

At this point, organizations usually have a fair amount of clients, approaching income, or other key performance indicators. Notwithstanding, by and large, the startup isn't profitable and necessities to keep raising capital.

The company needs to show financial backers their vision and strategy that will create long haul benefits to raise their Series A, which can range anywhere between $3M-$15M, however, especially in the past couple of years, some tech startups have raised $25M+ in a Series A.

Series B

After leveraging the Series A subsidizing, organizations become grounded. They have a developing client base and traction in the market, yet they frequently need financing to further develop operations and achieve scale. So they raise capital by and by with a Series B, which generates around $20M or more in financing.

In a Series B round, many new financial backers will participate, yet at times you will see a portion of the same financial backers that participated in the Series A put again in Series B. Financial backers now and again put resources into a later round to maintain their degree of proprietorship in a company (regularly through master rata rights) and avoid their possession percentage being weakened by new shareholders.

Series C, D, and Beyond

After this point, organizations are financially effective and have achieved a degree of market popularity. Future rounds of financing are based on additional scaling the business, entering new markets, dominating said markets, and acquisitions.

Generally speaking, the grade of risk has decreased compared to past financing adjusts because the company has now demonstrated its prosperity. Accordingly, later financing adjusts greatly increase in size (a huge number of dollars) as financial backers (and the company) swing for the wall to attempt to achieve market dominance. 

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StartEngine as an Equity Crowdfunding Platform

StartEngine as an equity crowdfunding platform

What is equity?

Value crowdfunding lets new companies and private organizations raise capital from the group, and it permits regular individuals to contribute for just $100. Everybody can be a financial backer, not simply VCs and private value firms.

How does it work?

On StartEngine, individuals can put resources into new businesses that they have faith in. Value crowdfunding permits new businesses and privately owned businesses to raise capital from the group through the offer of protections like value, obligation, income share, and then some.

Anybody, paying little mind to riches, can put resources into private organizations, in addition to the ones exchanging on stock trades, and they can do as such on the web.

How much a company can raise?

Value crowdfunding was made when President Barack Obama marked the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) in 2012, and the Act permits organizations to fund-raise through a couple of various guidelines.

Set out Freedom

There are almost 6 million organizations in the US, and the greater part struggle getting to capital. With value crowdfunding, there is a way to set out more freedom for the two organizations and financial backers.

Connect Visionaries

Business people presently not required financial speculators to rejuvenate their thoughts; they simply required other similar visionaries willing to take a risk on something novel.

Strengthen Community

Value crowdfunding gives an extraordinary chance to organizations to transform their clients into proprietors and make a more steadfast client base prepared to advance the business.

The Background of Startup Investors

Is Changing Generally, private bankers, financial speculators, and certified financial backers could put resources into privately owned businesses and regularly were the only ones with admittance to those chances.

Licensed financial backers are people with a net worth of more noteworthy than $1M (barring their main living place) or a yearly pay surpassing $200K each year for a long time ($300K whenever joined with a life partner). As such, these changes were frequently restricted to the well-off.

Presently, almost anybody can put resources into new companies through value crowdfunding. Financial backers must be somewhere around 18 years of age, and StartEngine doesn't acknowledge ventures from Canadian and UK financial backers because of the protections laws in those nations. Else, anybody can put resources into organizations raising capital on StartEngine.

Does StartEngine take equity?

Generally, private bankers, financial speculators, and authorize financial backers could put resources into privately owned businesses and regularly were the only ones with admittance to those chances.

StartEngine might want you to reveal to them a little with regards to your organization. The data that you need to give incorporates your name, your business name, email, site, and telephone number.

You'll likewise need to unveil how much subsidizing you're hoping to collect and the measure of cash you have brought up previously. At long last, you'll share the best three justifications for why a financial backer would think your organization was an extraordinary venture.   

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How to raise funding for your startup using StartEngine

StartEngine can help you raise your own startup

StartEngine audits all organizations to guarantee they pass the qualification necessities to raise capital on the stage. This audit cycle evaluates for organizations that might present a danger to financial backers. Before organizations can proceed through onboarding, they should present an application that will be explored by the StartEngine group. While deciding qualification, a portion of the elements we consider are:

• Revenue
• Product, service, or business
• Customer engagement
• Team
• Founder experience
• Industry
• Offering terms
• Market traction & growth
• Marketing budget
• Company mission
• Previous funding
• Principal place of business

These are delicate measures, and we adopt a comprehensive strategy while assessing these various elements. In specific conditions, we might have the option to defer certain standards in case we can build up that financial backer assurance won't be undermined thusly. When an organization's application is supported, organizations will be advised that they are qualified to proceed through the audit interaction.

Prohibited Company List

Even though StartEngine invites organizations of various kinds on its foundation, certain businesses and items are not permitted. StartEngine's arrangement gets from the profound investigation into significant points of reference. The arrangement is incompletely educated by other course stages like eBay, Google, Square, and Kickstarter, just as brands outside of tech, similar to the NFL and the New York City MTA. With this arrangement, we intend to give a populist stage on which organizations can raise capital, all while guaranteeing a positive encounter for financial backers and business visionaries.


This incorporates guns, firearms, guns, blades, reproductions of weapons, weapon frills, and different gadgets. This incorporates any material planned to hurt if completely used.


This incorporates organizations with printed or visual material containing the express portrayal or show of sexual organs, or action planned to invigorate sensual sentiments. These materials are disgusting, foul, or profane as set up by the Federal Communications Commission.

Discriminatory Material

This incorporates any materials that separate or support victimization individuals dependent on close to home ascribes like race, identity, public beginning, religion, sexual direction, sex personality, handicap, clinical or hereditary condition.

Illegal Business

This incorporates any deals that the U.S. National government has considered illegal. This incorporates quite false staggered advertising organizations.


This incorporates any item that can't be promoted on TV or radio, as commanded by the FCC.

Political Campaigns

This incorporates any association that is subsidizing to help a political drive or up-and-comer.

Companies that Compromise the StartEngine Mission

StartEngine assists business people with accomplishing their fantasies by democratizing admittance to capital. For entrepreneurs, this implies admittance to reserves. For regular financial backers, this implies admittance to speculation openings. Any organization that limits admittance to capital, admittance to speculation openings, or restrains the development of new companies compromises the mission of StartEngine. These companies are disallowed.

Investment Companies

Investment Companies, including, yet not restricted to, digital currency mining organizations.

REG A+ significantly further develops the financing possibilities for organizations that need a more reasonable and practical approach to IPO on the NASDAQ, or need to hold control of their organization. It has changed the possibility of raising capital, Reg A+ additionally offers other alluring posting choices after the contribution finishes. Guideline A+ is an ideal decision for organizations that have solid shopper advances and an enormous and cheerful client base, these are extremely characteristic of an effective Reg A+ offering. 

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What is the best Elastic way of funding your startup using StartEngine

Best Elastic ways to fund your startup

At the point when you have an incredible business thought, subsidizing is almost consistently the staying point. It's a good thought, all things considered, however, how might you collect the cash to kick it off?

On the off chance that you have a tech-based thought, you might make some simpler memories standing out from financial speculators or private backers, however as more organizations work that point, discovering a financial backer is harder than at any other time. So how might you get your business going?

Ways to fund your startup:

Loved ones

Acquiring cash from loved ones is an exemplary method to begin a business. While it could be more diligently to persuade financial backers or banks of the nature of your thought, your loved ones regularly have faith in your fantasy.

They might be more able to assist with financing your organization. On the off chance that you do go to loved ones for advances, it's a smart thought to ensure that every one of you gets sound lawful exhortation, particularly in case you are accepting the cash as a credit.

The drawback? Getting cash is a fast method to lose companions and acrid family connections. Be cautious on the off chance that you choose to continue along these lines.

Independent venture Loans

A few banks explicitly offer advances to private ventures, however, banks generally are cautious with regards to offering cash to little organizations. It very well may be hard to qualify. There are elective loaning organizations, nonetheless, that might be better prepared to assist you with getting your business going.

The disadvantage? A portion of those elective loaning organizations is ruthless. Ensure you realize who you're acquiring from before you make all necessary endorsements.

Exchange Equity or Services

Hoping to finish some website architecture? Check whether you can deal with your neighbor who does some outsourcing as an afterthought. Maybe you'll assist him with some promoting counsel not too far off. In practically every city, there are networks of young entrepreneurs who can cooperate.

The drawback? Exchanging administrations or value can be a terrible method to earn enough to pay the bills, thus not every person will do it. Try not to be insulted if your Number One decision says no chance.


One of the most widely recognized approaches to get a business going is through "bootstrapping." You utilize your assets to maintain your business. This cash might come from individual reserve funds, low or no premium Visas, or home loans and credit extensions on your home. Getting a free credit report card will assist you with evaluating where you monetarily stand. Realizing this will assist you with sorting out the financing cost you will get on advances, which can give you admittance to reasonable credit. The disadvantage?

On the off chance that your business doesn't succeed, you might have a generous measure of obligation that you presently need to oversee.


On the off chance that you have an attractive thought and you're incredible at online media, crowdfunding may be an alternative. At the point when sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo initially began, various organizations had extraordinary achievement arranging to subsidize through their scope. The disadvantage? Loads of organizations target crowdfunding, so you need to create a ton of buzz to endure the general sign commotion. It's likewise entirely conceivable to overextend yourself and disappoint supporters, which can prompt a lot of enmities before your organization is ever truly off the ground. 

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New Startup Companies that need Funding

Provide funding to startup your own companies

As indicated by a new report, more than 94% of new organizations come up short during the first year of activity. Cash is the bloodline of any business. The long careful yet thrilling excursion from the plan to income-creating business needs a fuel named capital. That is the explanation, at essentially every period of the business, business visionaries wind up asking – How might I finance my startup?

Presently, when might you require subsidizing relies to a great extent upon the nature and sort of the business. Be that as it may, whenever you have understood the requirement for raising support, underneath are a portion of the various wellsprings of money accessible.

Here is a far-reaching guide that rundowns 10 subsidizing choices for new companies that will assist you with raising capital for your business. A portion of these financing choices are for Indian business, in any case, comparative choices are accessible in various nations.

Bootstrapping your new company:

Self-subsidizing, otherwise called bootstrapping, is a compelling method of startup financing, uniquely when you are simply beginning your business. First-time business visionaries regularly experience difficulty getting subsidizing without first appearance some foothold and an arrangement for possible achievement. As a rule, loved ones are adaptable with the loan fee.

Crowdfunding as a Funding Option:

Crowdfunding is one of the more up-to-date methods of financing a startup that has been acquiring a parcel of the notoriety of late. It looks like assuming praise, pre-solicitation, responsibility, or investments from more than one individual all the while.

This is how crowdfunding works – A business person will set up a definite depiction of his business on a crowdfunding stage. He will refer to the objectives of his business, plans for making a benefit, how much financing he needs and for what reasons, and so on and afterward buyers can find out with regards to the business and give cash if they like the thought. Anybody can contribute cash toward aiding a business that they truly trust in.

What is the difference between REG A and REG CF?

Guideline Crowdfunding, otherwise called Title III of the JOBS act, was taken on in May of 2016 as an approach to decrease administrative limitations accordingly making it workable for organizations to raise capital from both licensed and non-authorized financial backers. This recommends that affiliations who are hoping to raise to $5 million are correct now ready to do as such through crowdfunding segments like StartEngine.

Guideline A+ (otherwise called Title IV of The JOBS Act or Reg A+) permits organizations to raise to $75 million from both licensed financial backers and the overall population. This guideline is like a conventional first sale of stock (IPO). Be that as it may, in a Reg A+ offering an organization requesting investments from the overall population will stay private. Also, Reg A+ contributions permit organizations to raise capital quicker and less lavishly than in an IPO. 

StartEngine Investing

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