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Crowdfunding Vs. Fundraising

Crowdfunding Vs. Fundraising

When it comes to fundraising online, organizations have two main choices for the type of activity and platform on which to support their cause projects.

• Traditional fundraising

• Modern crowdsourcing

Definition of Traditional Fundraising:

Historically, this was the most effective "offline" way of collecting funds at fundraisers, which are meetings attended by people who make genuine donations in the form of cheques, cash, or bank transfers, as opposed to virtual donations. In conjunction with the adoption of internet banking, fundraising has migrated online, allowing for faster and more convenient donations while also enhancing transparency and accountability for those who donate. As things have unquestionably improved while shopping online, the millennial generation, which is digitally savvy, has pushed for the inclusion of more physical donation buttons on websites.

The Definition of Modern Crowdfunding:

While this concept is not new to corporations and fledgling entrepreneurs, it is new to the charity sector. For the nonprofit's cause to continue, an audience, preferably a large group of people, must supply financial support. The goal is still to raise money, but with more donor supporters. Most crowdfunding campaigns have a deadline to meet the target date. Nonprofit crowdfunding projects, on the other hand, will continue if the aim is not fulfilled. While there may be incremental goals along the way, it is known that whatever is raised will go to the cause. Crowdfunding is a terrific tool for spreading your nonprofit's message, raising money for a special event, or keeping everyone updated on your overall contribution webpage.

The Main Difference:

• Many diverse reasons motivate people to create Crowdfunding Pages, including paying for medical expenses, funeral costs, and other unexpected needs; financing a local sports team or community project; and simply raising money for a good cause. On the other hand, fundraising pages are created by individuals in order to raise money for a registered charity. Often, they participate in events like marathons or bike rides, but they may also raise money to donate to a good cause on a more casual basis.

• Individuals and communities can raise money quickly and securely via the use of crowdfunding. Because the money they raise may be withdrawn from their verified personal bank account, people are free to make good things happen in their communities. Fundraising pages in the United Kingdom, on the other hand, are eligible for Gift Aid. This allows charities in the United Kingdom to claim a 25 percent tax deduction on every donation they receive.

Final Thoughts:

Initially, traditional fundraising was and continues to be the most effective offline method of generating donations. With the introduction of crowdfunding as a viable option, a new technology-based route for soliciting charitable contributions has opened up. The most significant difference is that crowdfunding has no geographical limitations. Traditional fundraising for an event is typically restricted to a specific geographical area. Crowdfunding provides you with a global platform from which to generate interest in your cause and, ideally, turn website visitors into donors. However, while traditional methods of fundraising for NGOs will continue to exist, crowdsourcing can be used by both for-profit and non-profit businesses. Be sure to check whether the funds are going directly to the nonprofit's cause when making a donation through a crowdfunded webpage. Alternatively, check whether a percentage of the donation will be forwarded to the nonprofit listed when making the donation.     

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