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Scoutmine was started in January of 2020. Since then, we have grown in sales by 183%.

ScoutMine is now deploying new Artificial Intelligence techniques to pre-screen and find top startup founders and their Companies using advanced data collection methods using Artificial Intelligence for data analysis and risk ranking.

Scoutmine is now working to improve Scouting efforts by using our AI technology to find and Scout some of the best Companies and founding teams all over the world.

The goal of ScoutMine is to minimize risk to our investors and help founding teams improve their ideas through growth in various programs. Our intent is to provide world class value to both our founders and our partner investor base. Products and Services Products and Services

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ScoutMine, LLC

Edward Culligan

CEO, Founder of ScoutMine

"The most important part of the Scouting process is adding value to the founding teams and our Investors."

ScoutMine, LLC

Founded in January of 2020

ScoutMine, LLC was officially formed as a legal business operating in Pennsylvania as of July 27th 2021


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